When Preventable Medical Errors Impact Your Life, Should You Leave Your Future In The Hands Of The Federal Government? Conservative Organizations Say No To Federalizing State Medical Malpractice Laws

Preventable medical errors kill and injure Americans at an alarming rate.  A study printed in the Journal of Patient Safety, as reported by Scientific American, reports that “the true number of premature deaths associated with preventable harm to patients was estimated at more than 400,000 per year,” and that serious injury occurs 10- to 20-times as often.

Despite this epidemic, the federal government is attempting to trample on state’s rights by fast-tracking legislation that protects unsafe health care providers, aka H.R. 1215.  Normally, your right to hold unsafe health care providers accountable for preventable medical errors is controlled by state law.  There are many lawyers dedicated to protecting your right.

Now, in a surprising turn of events, over 10 conservative rights organizations and leaders joined together in opposition to H.R. 1215.  In a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan, these conservatives are urging Congress to reject “the ‘federalization’ of state tort law that is contrary to constitutional principles and represents an undue restriction on freedom.”

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HR 1215 Conservative Opposition Letter

In other words, even Republican supporters are offended by the federal government’s attempt to overstep its bounds and take power away from states and their citizens.

It is likely you know someone who has been injured or killed by a preventable medical error, or that you will be impacted by a preventable medical error sometime in your life.  Joe is committed to protecting your right to be fully and fairly compensated when your life is impacted by preventable medical errors.  Are you?

If you would like to keep the federal government from limiting your right to be fully and fairly compensated when your life is impacted by preventable medical errors, then please reach out to your Congressional representative and senators and let them know.


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